Table of Contents

Useful Resources for MacOS User (may be relevant to Linux users as well). Link to Github Repository: Coming Soon.

1 Emacs

1.1 TODO Read Emails Inside EMACS (provide documentation)

1.1.1 MU4E

1.1.2 Offline IMAP

1.2 Spacemacs

  • I use spacemacs configurations on my Emacs.

1.3 TODO How to Browse Internet in Emacs (provide documentation)

1.3.1 XWidgets

1.4 How to setup Jira in Emacs

1.5 Orgmode

1.5.1 TODO How to Sync Org-Mode with MobileOrg on IOS

1.6 Babel

1.6.1 Python

[ ] how to break code in pieces and then export into a file

1.6.2 Json

  • [ ] how to make json look readable

1.7 Basics of Magit

1.8 TODO Emacs Lisp Startup Guide

2 Python

2.1 Boto

2.2 Unit Testing (pytest)


3.1 S3

3.1.1 How to setup a static website on S3

  • Route53 Setup
  • S3 Setup

3.1.2 How to copy a file from local file system to a s3 bucket using Bash

aws s3 cp ./index.html s3://your_bucket_name/

3.1.3 List Files

3.1.4 Delete Files

3.1.5 Mount S3 on MacOS

3.2 Config Service

3.2.1 Custom Rules

3.3 IAM

3.4 EC2

4 Kali Linux

4.1 Initial setup

5 Centos 7

5.1 Initial Setup

6 Firefox Customization

6.1 Headless Firefox and its uses

7 MacOS Customization

8 Helpful Blogs

9 Interesting Open-Source Stuff

9.1 gsrc setup


(setq my-name "Bastien")

make json look readable make json look readablecar, cdr, cons make json look readable do not evaluate the name foo and replace it with its value; I really mean the name foo".

10 Selenium

Author: Harneet Grewal

Created: 2018-06-10 Sun 20:25